Martin Kavík

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  • e-Money


  • Ethan Frey

    Ethan Frey

    CEO/CTO at | multi-chain smart contracts

  • Bence Meszaros

    Bence Meszaros

    Architect —

  • Marcos Sandrini

    Marcos Sandrini

    Designer and front-end programmer with 20+ years of experience, also a keen observer of the world and its people

  • Martin Holovský

    Martin Holovský

    cybersecurity architect - interested in innovative technologies, bio/brain hacking, transhumanism, cyberpunk, blockchain, and deep learning. (Defensive.Network)

  • Shane Brinkman-Davis Delamore

    Shane Brinkman-Davis Delamore

    CTO — Co-Founder — Designer Programming Evangelist

  • Radek Vít

    Radek Vít

  • Calin Aneculaesei

    Calin Aneculaesei

    Student of Philosophy, Politics and Economics. History fanatic. Contact:

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