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Martin Kavík founder, creator and maintainer
Code and Pills
Code and Pills

Imagine you have a small business. You sell flowers in your brick-and-mortar store. Everything goes well, but you would like to attract more customers and provide some extra services - e.g. deliver flowers to a given address.

So you need a website. Just some basic stuff - a home page, flower catalog, order form and maybe a simple chat and blog.

You don’t have enough money to hire a professional developer. You can’t find a suitable website builder. Fortunately, you know something about computers so you decide to create the website by yourself.

The gates of hell have been opened.

GitHub issue “very dangerous pothole”
GitHub issue “very dangerous pothole”

You wake up. Drink your morning coffee. Get in the car to drive to work. But then you realize you hit many potholes on the last trip. And you think: “Today is an ideal day for catching bronze in the sun and breath liquid asphalt!”. You run to to the nearest store instead of going to work. To buy a pickaxe and rent an asphalt paving machine.

Your family and friends think you are going crazy.

You are damn good in fixing potholes after some weeks of failing and learning. You are proud of yourself when you are driving to…

Martin Kavík

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